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VIDA by Marcela Arrieta

Amor Eterno Aromatherapy Spray

Amor Eterno Aromatherapy Spray

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Discover the magic of Amor Eterno, our compact yet powerful aromatherapy spray. Infused with supercharged ingredients, it's crafted to cleanse and elevate the vibes in any space. Whether it's your home, office, car, or even your bed and pillows, Amor Eterno works wonders in banishing stress and anxiety, replacing them with positive, serene energy. This all-in-one formula delivers a perfect blend of frequencies to boost tranquility and well-being. Simply shake, spray, and let the calming scents envelop you, transforming chaos into peace. Ideal for a quick refresh or a deep sense of calm, Amor Eterno is your go-to for a harmonious atmosphere.

SIZE: 2 FL oz / 59 ml

What's in it: Ingredients: SD Alcohol, Glycerin, Lavender, Tea Tree, Rose geranium essential oils.

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