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VIDA by Marcela Arrieta

VIDA Cleansing Sage & Palo Santo Harmony Bundle

VIDA Cleansing Sage & Palo Santo Harmony Bundle

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Transform your space and spirit with the VIDA Cleansing Sage & Palo Santo Harmony Bundle. This thoughtfully assembled set unites the purifying power of sage with the grounding aroma of Palo Santo, both ethically sourced to honor sustainability and natural harmony.

🌿 Enriched Floral Sage: Our unique Floral Sage combines the classic cleansing qualities of sage with the vibrant energy of seasonal flowers. This blend, used in smudging rituals, is believed to clear out negative vibes, inviting tranquility, positivity, and mental clarity into your environment. The floral composition changes annually, celebrating the dynamic beauty of nature.

🌳 Sacred Palo Santo: Known as the "Holy Wood," Palo Santo enriches this bundle with its sweet, uplifting fragrance. Its smoke is said to promote calmness, grounding, and a profound earthy connection, enhancing your spiritual practice.

Perfect for those embarking on a journey of renewal, seeking daily peace, or enhancing their meditation and yoga routines with the essence of ancient wisdom. This bundle is a conduit to the healing practices of our ancestors, promoting a life of wellness and mindful living.

Usage: Ignite one end of the sage or Palo Santo stick, let it flame briefly, then blow it out and allow the smoke to fill your space, carrying your intentions with it. Handle with care and respect.

Embrace this blend of tradition and natural beauty to create a harmonious and balanced ambiance in your home or personal sanctuary.

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